Places that bring us together

Visitors crossing the Debdon Burn stream at Cragside

We all have places that are meaningful to us, from the location of our earliest memory to the setting where we feel most at home.

Places bring us closer to each other too. They foster communities, nurture relationships, and enable us to pass on experiences to future generations.

Hear from people like Don, a retired farmer unlocking the memories of his past, and Trevor, who is inspiring his grandchildren with his joy of birdwatching, as each share their personal story of how places connect them with others.


Don and Jenny's story

At Wimpole Estate in Cambridgeshire, retired farmer Don and his wife Jenny are rediscovering their love of agriculture. Don was diagnosed with dementia five years ago and lost touch with his farming past. But thanks to Jenny and the Farming Memories group she helped set up at Wimpole, Don has found a community that shares his life-long passion. ‘He’s got a glint in his eye again,’ says Jenny.

" He comes back from the farm and he feels like he's done a day's work, like life used to be. "

Trevor's story

Meet Trevor, avid birdwatcher and grandad of seven. For the past 50 years Trevor has pursued a passion for birdwatching and now his two youngest grandchildren, Patrick and Noah, are following in his footsteps.

Even though they live miles apart, the family are brought closer together by a shared love of nature. As Trevor says: 'You've actually got to get out there and feel it and touch it and smell it.'


Margaret's story

As part of the Recycled Teenagers, Margaret has found somewhere she belongs. The group meet regularly at Sutton House in London to dance, socialise and stay connected. Though they might not be related, they are a family. Margaret reveals how her new friends are keeping her young.

" It all shows that older people still have a place and a purpose in society. We’re not here just to grow old and disappear into the background, we’re retired not expired. "

Ann-Marie's story

Places can invoke powerful memories about loved ones. For Ann-Marie, a visit to Claydon in Buckinghamshire brings back past experiences with her parents. In remembering her mother’s love of the gardens and her father’s interest in the buildings and history, Ann-Marie reflects on her own relationship with this special place when she returns to Claydon.


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